What does being strong even mean? I have friends and people tell me all the time, that Im strong for all this. How does this make me a strong person? Is it because I havent tried to kill myself because of all this. Ive thought about it. Does that make me a strong person now? I cant end my tragic life yet, the two most important people depend on me. My dog and my mom, without them I cant really say Id be strong enough to deal with this.



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One thought on “Strong?

  1. Jenna July 20, 2013 at 10:27 pm Reply

    You are strong bc you havent tuned anyone out. You reach out to people when you need to, you never give up. Being strong doesnt mean you dont have bad days, being strong means you are doing the absolute best in what you have been given. I say you are strong bc I seen you at your best and worse, but yet you still learn to smile. You are a strong person and I will continue to tell you that. You are an inspiration to keep pushing through bc you are my sunshine on my darkest days and I hope I can your sunshine through yours.

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